Archiving Your Data: What Needs to be Done?

As we are coming towards the end of the HMTF Programme, the researchers are now required to deposit all the research data, resulting from NERC grants, into designated Data Centre, to comply with the NERC grant requirements.

The HMTF Programme Data Management Plan explains our commitment to deposit the data from our research projects, primarily at The Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC).

The researchers do not have to wait until the end of the project period to deposit the data; please do deposit the data as soon as you are ready. Increasing number of Journals are now looking for assigned DOI while accepting manuscripts for final publication.

Even if you are yet to publish your findings, NERC Policy allows you to have 2 years embargo period to allow you to work-up your data sets and publish your findings.


At HMTF Programme, the process of data archiving includes the following 3 steps:


1. Select and prepare the dataset(s) to archive


2. Complete the Metadata and Data Transfer form

  • The EDIC requires two types of metadata to gather information about your dataset(s):

Please complete both the metadata. If you would like to see how these metadata will be used while archiving your data, you may refer to the EIDC Catalogue.


3. Contact the Programme Data Manager

  • Please contact Balram Dhakal ( with your dataset(s) and relevant documents (Metadata and Service Agreement Form) to ensure the documentation standards are met for archiving your data. He will work with you to finalise the archiving process in liaison with the NERC/EIDC focal point.


Further information:


Looking to Archive Data in Other Repositories e.g. SAFE Platform?

If you are looking to archive your data sets in other repositories such as SAFE Platform, GEM and ForestPlots.NET, please contact the Data Manager at  for further information and procedures.